100% Pure Agarwood Oil- Scasa Saat, Wild Cambodian Oud Oil

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If you bought so-called "Cambodian oil" aged for 10 years and at a price of $100 for 10ml, most likely you are cheated. There are many scammers who are willing to do this for a quick buck !

Perhaps you had bad experience before with oud which make you refused to wear it again, this classic scent will change your mind.

This oil likes no other, there is no fecal or animal at all. Sweet in the beginning, and... a hint of sour, sweeter scent which is lingering for hours. Extremely refreshing.

This is NOT a fragrance oil but 100% hydro distillation essential oil.

If you are after "stinky" oil, this is NOT for you.

If you

  1. are new to Oud or
  2. appreciate woody or fragrant wood scent or
  3. want to experience the divine aromas from the Wood Of God
  4. want to collect some rare oil which do not expire or even get better with time

Then this is 100% pure Oud (Agarwood) Oil is for you

It energizes, stimulates your brain and body. In short, unique scent which is different from other Oud oil. You only sniff one and you would keep sniffing !

Dried fruit, nutty, slightly sour, sweet, vanillic and woody.  Classic Oud distilled  by our experienced distiller.

Or if you want something truly unique,blend it with your floral perfume for a beauty romance.