OUT OF STOCK - Agarwood chips special grade-super resinous 5g

Material: collected from cultivated infected sapwood Aquilaria tree

All white wood are carved away leaving only the most resinous part: agarwood. The process from planting, infecting and collecting was monitored with care using advanced technique to create the best yield of resin possible in the wet seasons. The bilogical yeast was meticulously injecting to ensure the acceleration of resin production from the tree and the rain washed away the residue leaving this "Wood of God" behind. 

 Scent Profile:  warm, pleasant sweet, musky, woodsy, vanillic wood.

Suitable for

  1. C asting scent around your house
  2. Starting a conversation with your guests
  3. Office uses to calm your nerve.
  4. Improve your awareness in yoga, meditation
  5. Wedding occasion


Best enjoy with our electric incense heater  HERE


 If you have a charcoal or charcoals ready, use this mica plateto insulate the heat



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