Agarwood Fengshui Smudging Incense

In several cultures, "Smudging” (herbs burning) is a ceremonial act of cleansing mind, body and spirit. There are different ways of smudging and each culture does it differently. One thing in common: herbs are being burnt to create a stream of smoke. In Fengshui, it is believed when burnt; the energy from the fire will release the healing power of herbs which will attract positive energy while neutralising any negative one.

Introduce the Agarwood Fengshui Incense 

Length: 21.5 cm

Weight: 30g

Burning time: 3 to 3.5 hours

Ingredients: (50% is agarwood powder, 50% of over 40 herbs including

Cinnabaris: which made this incense in red colour

Crinum asiaticum

Tribulus Terrestris

Anh many other herbs which offer similar properties: to attract positive energy, some are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

How to use

Burning this incense will create a stream of smoke, creating a "smudging" experience

1) Light this incense by a candle. Due to its thickness, it takes 1 minute to initial the fire of this incense

2) Walk around the house to smudge or you can bury the bottom of this incense stick in cup of sand or rice to hold it firmly. You would see a constant smoke from this incense. Please avoid the smoke alarm.  Please do it in an open space with good ventilation, leave your window or door open during the ceremony

3) Keep an eye with this incense stick all the time as it takes more than 3 hours to completely combusted (more than enough to smudge a mansion). You can always eliminate the fire anytime by burying  the fire into the sand or rice cup

4) Enjoy a new positive energy and welcome new fortune to your house. God blessed you all