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100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) Specialty -Evergreen Superior Essential Oud Oil

41 Reviews

"Evergreen Superior: Evergreen Superior is what I expected initially from this exercise. With its camphoraceous breeze moved with raw, vegetal honey all underneath a strong current of the burning tyre and an opening note of cheese and barnyard- this is an oud with a strong shading of black, warm cinnamon-coloured reds, and forest greens. Find impressions of strong, bold, and tannic red wine: like a meaty Malbec, or a ‘black pepper and seared steak’ Shiraz wine from Australia, then a cedar and herbal driven red vermouth offset by fortified sweetness. What I find most interesting is the note of freshly washed skin, scrubbed with an ivory bar of soap."

(Source: written by Liam Sardea Olfactics)

  • Before reading on,  is this story similar to you: you purchased Oud Oil before and formulated a  well-blended formula for your perfume. To your surprise, your perfume sold out as it was so successful, everybody wants it.
  • You came back to your supplier and asked for the Oud oil, but was given something else that is different from what you got initially.
  • You then were told the one you bought was not available anymore.
  • You are not alone. We can step in from here and work with you.

We can help you solve this problem.

  • Our oud oil is distilled from a sustainable source — our forest. You will get consistent quality oud oil from a known source. We have access to the largest agarwood plantation in Vietnam.
  • If you run a commercial cosmetic line, with our plantation, we can provide all the necessary paperwork from our end, smoothen your import process.
  • We have 400 hectares of forest, with 400 K of infected Aquilaria trees. You can order in large scale or small scale as we can cater all.
  • Worry about the quality? We do have a small sample size for you to try.

Australians can purchase this beautiful, highly concentrated Agarwood Oil directly from their own home! This unique sensory experience is available in 1.5 ml glass vials or 1-litre containers. Evergreen 100% Pure Agarwood Oil is an intense luxurious aromatic sensory bouquet containing base notes of smooth raw agarwood and highlights of fragrant notes describable as warm, slightly smokey, leathery, woodsy, spicy, having a hint of bitterness and sweet honey.

Originating from Aquilaria Crassna, Vietnam, this Evergreen oil is not mixed with any other substances- it's 100% pure concentrated Agarwood Oil. Agarwood is an ancient ingredient that's mentioned in a variety of holy scriptures. Today, it's still appreciated for its superb qualities. Spiritually minded people use this specific oil to become spiritually enlightened while using only one drop on the skin, pillow, bathwater. This aromatherapeutic oil is also used to relieve stress and anxiety and also to enhance alertness.

Also named Oud Wood Oil, Oud Oil, or simply Oud, the oil is expertly distilled at the Grandawood-Agarwood Australia plantation site. Great care is taken by hard-working experts to create a superior product from raw natural resources that they prepare to be slow-cooked using firewood. The steadfast distilling process results in high-quality oil. It satisfies and enhances your personal spiritual and health needs by providing extended-lasting benefits from only one tiny vial — 100 % pure Oud Oil.

This Oud is one of the best-selling Oud oil of our factory to Middle East Clients. Main note: spicy, leathery, dried black pepper and red wine, and honey-sweet at the end. Perfect for cosmetic production.


 Prepare the material


Slow "cook" with firewood

Lab Test Result

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    strong peppery, leathery

    submitted the reivew before, come back for more. Thank you


    100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud)

    It has a fresh soft smelling oud but not persistent

    Sara A.

    the scent not as long lasting as I expected

    The presentation of the oud was quite exceptional, though the scent which I thought would last for days barely lasted hours which was disappointing.

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Thank you for your feedback, Sara. It is quite disappointing that it does not last for days as you expected. By the way, you mind we asking where you applied the oil please? If on the skin, it does make sense to last for hours as at the end of the day, we all take a shower which would wash away the oil If you applied that on a piece of napkin/ tissue/clothes, it should last for days. Please let us know kindly We appreciate your time and feedback. Thank you very much Trent

    David S.
    United States

    Amazing Oud for the price

    Three words in case you are curious.... BUY THIS OUD!!!

    Brian E.

    blended well with my perfume

    Very different with our Hindi Oil, this one has no barnyard making it easier to make perfume, especially the clean woody note