Grandawood Agarwood Incense- Premium Quality- 10g 沉香香

Incense stick length: 21 cm

Incense diameter: approx 1.2-1.5 mm

Net weight: 10 gram ( approx 50-53 sticks)

Burning time length each stick : approx 25-30 mins

Scent: elegant aromatic and balance of all the notes including: luxurious woodsy, a touch of spicy, and light sweet notes

Agarwood incense (without wood stick) is the most luxurious aromatherapy incense. It is commonly burned during yoga practice, meditation, worshiping to enhance inner peace feeling, bring alertness, relieve anxiety and enhance relaxation. Burning Agarwood incense in office or study room will help you to concentrate better,  it relieves pressure, stress and  helps you to work more effectively.

Our Agarwood incense is made of 100% high grade resinous heartwood pulp of Agarwood aged more than 20 years under natural conditions, blended with natural binder, contains no harmful chemicals, no aromatic oil and totally safe for health.

The fragrance is quite pleasant, contains different note from sweetness to emptiness, high and low. Perfect way to start a conversation in a lounge room  or simply just relax and enjoy.

--- From our forest to your home ---

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