Awakening - Grandawood Wild Agarwood Incense- Superior Quality- 10g 沉香香

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Is it really possible to have an experience of burning agarwood chip by burning incense?  

You tried some agarwood incense in the market, even from some of the established incense houses. After trying different brands you have noticed that the agarwood scent was somewhat subdued? It was not as "clear" as you expected.

Maybe because of the blending. Or perhaps because of the material are not resinous enough.

For whatever reasons, you feel something is missing.

 You would like a stronger, more sophisticated woody scent.

You miss the moment when the flame hit the wood. The resin sublimes into "heaven smoke".

That moment, when you breathe in, you feel blessed. It is so sweet, so holy.

And because of that moment, many people burn agarwood chips.

The experience from that moment is sometimes difficult to capture when you burn incense.

You are busy, so you probably do not have 5 minutes to set up a charcoal burner to burn the chip.

And when you need to leave, you need to "extinguish" the charcoal for safety reason. "What a hassle !" you think.

For you, convenience is essential just as the quality of Agarwood.

Have you ever asked yourself if you could experience of heating oud chips without lighting up the charcoal? 

Believe me, I would like to share the frustration with you. 

Don't get me wrong. I love the heating oud chip but sometimes it is not convenient. 

Especially when I am craving for something, I really want it instantly. 

So, we made this "Awakening" , for you to experience it instantly.

You don't have to spend time to lit a charcoal

You don't have to worry about buying charcoal and cleaning up after using it

You don't have to set anything up to enjoy the smell of burning oud chips


But you still can enjoy the pure agarwood incense WITHOUT the charcoal.


You only need two things

  • An incense holder to hold the incense
  • A lighter

Before you take out your lighter, I want you to

  • open the package.
  • Take out the red cap.
  • Carefully tilt the tube so part of the incense could come out like the below.


  • Put your nose closer and take a sniff.


  • Feel good? Congratulation, you have just smelled the raw agarwood aroma at room temperature. There are only two ingredients in this incense:
    • 1) pulverised wild Agarwood and
    • 2) scentless plant-based adhesive.


  • I want you to remember this aroma before lighting them up.


  • Now, put this incense in an incense holder. Next, light it up and enjoy

If you enjoyed the aroma from heating agarwood (oud) chips, then this Awakening incense would interest you.


Product information

Incense stick length: 21 cm

Incense diameter: approx 1.2-1.5 mm

Net weight: 10 gram ( approximate 50-53 sticks)

Burning time length each stick: 15-20 mins

Scent: very harmoniously aromatic, woodsy, spicy followed by sweet notes

Agarwood incense without a wooden stick can be burned during yoga practice, meditation, worshipping. Its delicate aroma enhances inner peace feeling, brings alertness, relieves anxiety and enhances relaxation. Agarwood incense burned in an office or study room will help you to concentrate better and work more effectively.

This Awakening Wild Agarwood incense is made of 100% high-grade resinous heartwood pulp of Agarwood aged more than 20 years under natural conditions, blended with a natural binder, contains no harmful chemicals, no aromatic oil.

--- From our forest to your home ---

    • All features of "Grandawood High-Quality Incense" plus:
    • Made from handpicked "superior wild agarwood wood chips" from Nha Trang which take years to harvest and then carefully hand-carved.
    • Incenses are dried and "fermented" for six months. This step will create a "sinking" scent, the sweet smell of wood and an overall pleasant olfactory experience.
    • The scent is more complex, sweeter and less spicy. You can smell the agarwood smell from the tube before lighting up the incense.
    • Monks like this incense. We brought this incense to several local templates for feedbacks, and they like it.


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    I recommend this product
    Very lovely and nice scent

    Very lovely and nice scent! Really love the smell. Excellent product! Thank you!

    Tony C.
    Singapore Singapore
    I recommend this product
    Smooth Scent

    Lovely Smooth Scent....

    Gerard W.
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    I recommend this product
    Nice and smooth.. really want

    Nice and smooth.. really want to try the premium one

    A Grandawood- Agarwood Australia Customer
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    I recommend this product
    Subtle But Lovely Scent

    Not overly strong scent, that burns steadily and for some time.

    Australia Australia
    Awesome agarwood

    A divine product