Grandawood Agarwood Powder 10g

Very fine pure agarwood powder ground from high quality agarwood chips that provides the fullest wood chips aroma .You can use to mix your own incense powder or used on perfectly on its own. Just 1 little scoop on incense burner, would last you several hours.

Benefits: help to relieve stress and anxiety, uplifting, spiritual enlighten and enhance alertness, suitable for meditation and yoga practice, disperse negative qi and attract good energy. 

It can be burnt by using incense burner or simply use candle essential oil diffuser; or burnt directly on charcoal. Agarwood incense powder are commonly used to eliminate bad odour ,refresh your home, or cast smell on your clothes. You will only need a small amount and the aroma will be released instantly.  Ideal temperature is around 180 Celsius degree and lower.

 Made from our own cultivated agarwood for sustainable future.


Great gift for wedding night or new home.

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