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Byakudan Mysore Sandalwood chips square 10g

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Byakudan sandalwood is the heartwood of Mysore sandalwood which is the best part for the best fragrance of sandalwood. This is the finest grade of sandalwood and is called "Old Mountain" sandalwood in Japan.Nowadays, due to the scarcity of Mysore sandalwood, Byakudan becomes very rare and only can reputable and big incense companies can have access to these sources. Shoyeido's Byakudan sandalwood is available in square- cut chips, small cut chips and granule forms. 

Byakudan sandalwood is used in Koh-doh ceremony, tea ceremony and also for meditation. It is renowned for its rich and creamy sweetness that will put a smile on your face. 


Savor the woodsy, meditative warmth of pure santalum any time with this bounteous .35 oz. packet of raw sandalwood chips.

When gently heated with charcoal — or via one of our wood chip heaters — each hand-cut sandalwood chip will release a waft of ambrosial earth perfume. Simply sublime


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    Abraham E.
    Australia Australia

    The Best Sandalwood Chips Ever!

    I have a collection of Australian, West Indian and Indian Sandalwood from Southeast Asia and Mysore. By far, these chips are the most authentic Sandalwood experience you will burn in your life. I both burn Sandalwood in all its varieties as well as selling a variety of sandalwood oils as a perfumer. I picked up the first chip and just by smelling it, you get that soft, rich and buttery Sandalwood texture you would expect from a Santalum Album. The chips are an ideal size for burning and are perfectly cut into convenient size squares so no prep work needed. This little fact might seem insignificant but if you know a thing or two about Sandals, you'll know that they are very difficult to carve let alone carve into perfect square pieces like Byakudan have. I happened to have some Japanese charcoal (Miyako Sumi) which made for a perfect pairing. This charcoal lets off the least amount of 'dark soot' for the maximum heat and does not interfere with the light profile of the Sandalwood. The wood produces a very light and fragrant smoke that is very sweet. The charcoal I found provided an extra layer of depth to the smoke. Upon close inspection I have noticed the chips do have a reasonable amount of oil (not as much as Agarwood of course) and the squares were heated uniformly and did not catch fire even when placed on a hot coal. By far this has been the most enjoyable Sandalwood burning experience I have had on a piece of coal for years. The chips are very convenient and the woody fragrance is authentic. I would highly recommend to all.