Specialty 100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud) - Floral Superior Essential Oil

"Despite the floral labelling, this is not a delicate floral perfume – this is an oud with floral nuances. With a glaring opening of smoked meat, waxy honeycomb and bacon – what is then found is a whisper of powder, intense notes of heady cut grass, sticky hyacinth, a suggestion of jasmine and jonquil, and a herbal breeze tinged with astringent daffodil."

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Also named Oud Wood Oil, Oud Oil or simply Oud, this expertly distilled oil is a high-quality product made by Grandawood-Agarwood Australia. Hard working experts work with raw natural resources that are slow cooked using firewood. The steady distilling process produces a high-quality oil that will satisfy and enhance your personal spiritual and/or health needs by providing long lasting benefits from only one 1.5 ml vial!

This invigorating oil is created using this 100% Pure Agarwood Superior Essential Oil. This luxurious aromatherapy oil is highly concentrated. Depending on its use, one drop provides hours of sensory enjoyment. Spiritually minded people use Agarwood Oil as part of their spiritually enlightened personal routine such as in times of personal meditation. Agarwood is mentioned in holy scriptures and as such is still highly regarded as in ancient times for its many fine qualities.

Floral notes are infused with pleasantly hidden notes of the fiery distilling process when the wood chips are heated to produce a smokey aroma that is quaint but noticeably lovely. The more noticeable fragrant notes are rich and complex like warm sweet honey. The dark mixture has a thick and sugary texture and density.

This floral aroma is reminiscent of walking through a pleasantly scented flowered meadow on a lovely day. It can be worn on your skin alone or combined with another fragrance. The scent starts strong just out of the glass vial but then quickly changes to a woodsy and sweet fragrance. Like a good recipe, its scent gets better as it ages.

100% pure and natural. Does not contain chemicals,  this floral oud oil offers a complete scent profile, perfectly smell good on its own, an invigorating oud oil with strong sillage, and excellent longevity hence there is no need to blend with other essential oil although you could. 

To anyone who has not worn oud before: it could be very overwhelming at the beginning, but rest assure that after 10 minutes, its scent will change to something every different. Something that made it name as "liquid gold".

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