Specialty 100% Pure Cultivated Agarwood Oil (Oud)-Sweet Herbal Spice Essential Oil

Available to Australians in a variety of volumes, this 100% Pure Concentrated Agarwood Oil Herbal Spice is made with natural raw materials that are mentioned in holy ancient scriptures. Hard working skilled experts prepare the raw natural resources for heating over firewood to start the distillation process at the Grandawood-Agarwood's plantation site in Dong Xoai Vietnam. The result is a superior natural oil used by many for spiritual purposes including meditation.

The Herbal Spice aromatherapeutic oil is offered to Australians at a great value, but don't let its price suggest that it has compromised value. The entry level grade oil was slowly distilled from good grade cultivated Agarwood that makes up this admirable specialty product. The aroma is more sweet than spicy with a mysterious, smooth, and spicy scent that heightens your state of alertness. Straight from the vial, its fragrant notes are smooth and consistent without any hint of a pungent odour. If you have not worn Oud before, this is a suitable one to try. 

Also named Oud Wood Oil, Oud Oild, or simply Oud, this is not to be confused with synthetic varieties containing chemical compositions and mixed with inferior ingredients. This product is 100% natural and concentrated requiring only a tiny amount for a grand sensory experience.

This product may be combined with other scented fragrances or used alone. Use just one drop for your olfactory delight on your fabrics, skin, bathwater, or in a candle diffuser.

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