High resin cultivated agarwood chip 5g or 10g or 20g or 50g or 1 kg

Individually selected, highly resinous pieces only
  • Aroma is detectable at room temperature if you  
  • Weight: vary from 5 grams, to 50 grams , or 1kg
  • Thickness circa 1 mm, majority of white wood was scrapped leaving the beautiful infected part only.  The price of agarwood chip mainly depends on its infected part as white wood has little value, thus scrapped away.
  • Aroma traits: Woodsy, spicy, honey,very sweet and floral scent, a delightful aroma
  • Main ingredient for agarwood incense

Suitable for warming up house, religious ceremonies, or  olfactory  enjoyment, etc

Best enjoy with our electric incense heater  HERE

How to use:


"dark resin", the defence mechanism created when Aquilaria tree attacked, Agarwood, scent from heaven

Click here for mica plate

For olfactory  enjoyment

  1. Light one end up and quickly blow it out, the smoke will create a nice fragrance
  2. Place around 0.5 g of woodchip on top of the incense charcoal (bamboo charboal), this is the best method to enjoy as the fragrance will be slowly released from the woodchip. Alternatively, place them under an electric incense burner, the key here is to heat NOT burn, start around 180 Celsius degree and increase the temperature slowly 

  For body, hair or clothes infusing

  1. Place around 1g of agarwood chip on odourless charcoal or electric burner, slowly, the fragrance of the woodchip will release, casting your clothes/ body/ hair with this holy aura. Suitable for wedding or special occasion.

CAUTION : beware of fire hazard, turn of all electric burner after using or extinguish all charcoal for your own safety 

Please note: Unfortunately, the product cannot be shipped outside of Australia FOR under 1kg

  Ship worldwide with CITES permit directly from Vietnam for any purchase more than 1kg


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