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*New* Triwood - the Amazing Aroma of Three Different Agarwood Species in one bottle

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Every time I try to give you one reason why you should try this oil, I end up with many.

  • No nasty surprise odour: Pulverised agarwood is soaked for 8 hours only. It means there will be no barnyard, no pungent, no sharp notes. Instant satisfaction from the moment you smell it. This Triwood pure Agarwood oil provides an instant blast of bright, refreshing sweetness that develops into a rich, woody aroma in just three minutes.


  • It is a craft oud oil distilled in small batches. A small grower in a remote area, Kedah Malaysia, grows three different Aquilaria species, Aquilaria Subintegra, Crassna and Malaccensis, on his Agarwood plantation. Then he pulverises these 3 tree species and turns them into one beautiful Oud oil.
Subintegra Oud Oil is fresh berry-like woody
Malaccensis Oud Oil is honey-sweet woody
Crassna Oud Oil is spicy, peppery, dried woody

Combining these three oils gives you fresh, bright, violet, berry and woody with a hint of spiciness aroma. You may have tried each Oud oil from different species individually. But have you tried a combination of them? There is a good chance that you have never tried this before. 


  • It is cultivated oil, so it is sustainable; you can enjoy it without guilt. 

If you're looking for an oud (oudh) oil with a bright, refreshing sweet woody smell, look no further, try this 100% Pure sustainable Agarwood Essential Oil today.