*NEW* Wild Age Indonesia Sandalwood 108 mala

The fragrance of this mala is more than subtle. If you have tried Sandalwood Oil on your skin and enjoyed every moment of it, this mala bead is suitable for you.

If you do not like the subtle scent from Agarwood, this is your choice as every bead emits a strong scent of fragrant wood. Excellent quality, craftsmanship and aroma.

Unlike agarwood, this fragrance originated from the heartwood itself and does not rely on the infection (like agarwood does). The scent is always there and you will ALWAYS SMELL IT. The scent was part of the characteristic of these beads. So strong that if you store them in a container, the container will be influenced by their fragrance. If you rub the beads around your hand, your hand smells wonderful too. These solid fragrant beads will last for years, 100% wild and aged!

Strong impression !!

Please note this is not $3 per string sold on Aliexpress or other "Wholesale" mala site. This sandalwood beads collection is carefully selected and meticulously made with care. Its natural aroma is penetrating compared to others.

Material: Wild Sandalwood Log


  • approximately 45g for mala 108 with 8mm dimesion with 6 extra beads
  • approximately 30g for bracelet 14 beads with 16mm dimension

Perfect suit for anyone who loves sandalwood smell

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