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*New* The Breathable Incense Pad - a new way of experience burning incense

3 reviews

Do you have many leftover unburnt pieces of incense, especially the high-end ones?

If you were like me, love burning stickless incense (and drinking tea), you would have many pieces of leftover, unburnt incense.

Many incense holders in many shapes and forms are designed to hold your incense sticks. Some holders are simple, many look great, but they have one thing in common:

Unburnt incense sticks


It means your current incense holder is less than 100% efficient in burning incense. 

Here is what I mean

You use your current incense holder to hold burning incense. You will notice that when the incense burns almost completely, it will turn off. The reason is simple: the incense holder stops the incense “life” at the contact point. Every time you burn an incense, stick with your incense holder; naturally, you will have a piece of unburnt incense. This unburnt piece will be around 1cm approximately. If you burn one incense a day, then you will have 30 unburnt pieces in a month.

These unburnt incense sticks are too short to burn. But it would be too wasteful to throw them away. I am sure you have realised that these unburnt sticks could be expensive in the long run, especially if these sticks contain genuine agarwood.


What a dilemma, what should you do?

Here is the good news

Introduce the Breathable Incense Pad- experience a complete burn without waste

The Breathable Incense Pad is a specially made pad that allows incense to burn horizontally.

When you place your burning incense on this pad, a couple of things happen.

This pad breathes life to your incense by allowing oxygen contact with it. You see, when you lay your incense horizontally on the ground or other surfaces, your incense will turn off because there is not enough oxygen when the fire contact with that surface. However, this pad is different. Take a closer look, and you will notice that your incense does not lay flat but “levitate” on it.

Oxygen can flow through the incense and the pad making incense burns happily :). The best part: your incense pad remains unharmed 



This design allows oxygen, the life force of the fire, to continue to burn without interruption. 

Your incense will burn happily on this pad

You can see the smoke of the backflow cone accumulates around the cone in the bottom. It could only happen if there is enough space so the smoke could pass through the hole of the incense cone.

In addition to the ultimate burning experience, this pad also adds an extra layer of protection to your furniture. Take a look at the damage below

If you use this Breathable Incense Pad to burn your incense, your table will remain intact.

Burning downflow incense is a great experience. Sometimes, some people think they could place the cone incense directly on the table. Unfortunately, the high temperature from the burning cone will damage your bench or table permanently.

By burning your cone incense on this pad in a windless area, your incense pad will absorb most of the heat of the cone keeping your furniture safe. Please note, keep your incense away from the wind as it could knock your incense off the pad.


Dimension 20.5 cm x 3cm

P/S Want to see what this magical pad can do with your remaining unburnt incense?

Check out the "firework" style of burning multiple unburn sticks. 


Please note if your incense is scented with fragrance oil or synthetic oil, you would find it overwhelmed. 

The solution is simple: you can burn the unburnt one at a time.


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    Jonathan O.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Great way to burn combustible incense

    Tried one out of curiosity thanks to discount offered when buying incense from Grandawood. Not only do you burn every last bit of your coreless incense so no waste, but I also find it a tidier way to burn any incense stick. Rather than having ash drop down it just stays in one piece where you place it. Can also burn from both ends if you like! Bought a second one since

    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
    • What do you like? Convenience, cleaner, no waste
    • Anything that you don't like? No
    Alex M.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Handy and seems to burn incense at the same rate as a traditional holder

    At first I thought the horizontal arrangement would burn the incense stick faster, but then I compared the burn rate to a traditional vertical holder and noticed no significant difference. The pad is all around easier and cleaner to use, just be sure to have a piece of paper or something under it for extra protection. I'll be buying another one from here soon. I hope they get extra long pads in, but then I could always just push two together because, as I said, they're really handy.

    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? No
    • What do you like? The way the item descriptions are written on the site: so detailed and personable :)
    • Anything that you don't like? Um...no? I'm kind of new to incense
    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia *New* The Breathable Incense Pad - a new way of experience burning incense Review

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Thank you Alex for your photo Thank you Alex for your kind word I am glad that you like it Trent

    Abraham E.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Worthy Investment

    This item is a must have investment to get the most out of your expensive incense sticks. With a typical holder, you are left with approximately 2-3mm from each bamboo-less stick that goes to waste simply because it does not get enough oxygen. If you burn incense regularly then thats 2-3cm (approx 10 mins) that you must sacrifice from each pack. Price wise, this investment will pay itself back within your first premium incense purchase. With this holder however, is is not an issue. The pad is definitely breathable. I can quite comfortably leave it on my varnished timber table and not worry about heat burning anything. I was initially concerned that the incense/cones would burn a hole through the mat but I was surprised to see how heat resistant it was considering how thin and light it is. I even decided to light up an incense cone upside down and blew on it until a 1/3 of its base was orange from the heat and placed it directly on the mat in the hope that I might see some damage. Again, nothing, very impressive. I am happy to add this item to my collection, it has definitely become my new go to for burning any high end incense.

    • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? Yes
    • What do you like? Does exactly what it says. The heat properties are pretty impressive.
    • Anything that you don't like? Nothing, there is obviously a little bit of discoloration after the initial burn but it certainly is not at bad as placing a cone on an expensive soapstone holder.