The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 Mala and/or Bracelet - Cultivated beads with wild agarwood quality

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When Kelvin looked at this GGG- 108 agarwood mala, he could not believe his eyes.

Kelvin was from Singapore, and he was looking for an agarwood mala. When he saw the GGG mala from Grandawood,  he thought this mala was fake because it was too good to be true at that price.

Usually, the one he liked, the price was double compared to GGG. The price he wanted, the quality was nowhere near this GGG mala.

I understood his concern because he had been trying to find himself a quality agarwood mala on the market, whether online or offline. At that time he could not find any. In the past, he bought counterfeit agarwood from many vendors.

So I showed him our Aquilaria trees in our plantation, which we used to make this GGG necklace. He then compared it to many agarwood mala he was looking at. He found that this GGG was even better than some wild agarwood bracelet. 

Let me show you what he meant.

The image below shows our cultivated GGG agarwood(farmed and sustainable) vs a wild one from the online market.

Can you guess which one is wild and which one is farmed?


Here is the answer

Most people could not make a guess, some guessed correctly, and many were wrong. You probably wondered how this farmed agarwood could be better than the wild one? Kelvin had the same thought, and with a price $100 for a resinous agarwood mala, it was a no brainer to him.

Kelvin got himself a GGG.

Three weeks later, I asked him how he felt about the GGG mala. He did not reply. 

As we have been busy, I have not followed up with him.

Suddenly one day (after two years), I received a message from him 

He told me that there was no need to buy from me again because his GGG agarwood mala was still perfectly fine, the best part was: it has become glossier, darker texture, better looking when he bought it.

 There are no tricks, but one tip: Keep these agarwood beads away from water, you will have a shiny glossy agarwood mala, and bracelet.

So what is the GGG? 

The name originates from good Karma. 

  • Have Good Thoughts
  • Say Good Things
  • Do Good Deeds for other

And Everything will come back (to you)

So by having this mala on your wrist, you are more likely to practice good Karma and good things will come back to you.

.... I want more information about this agarwood 108 mala:

Homegrown cultivated agarwood beads, premium quality, handcrafted made with care

Sweet Woody Smell


Weight: average 8.5g to 9g

Total Beads: 114 beads (108 beads + 6 )

Below are some enlarged images of the GGG's beads for you to take a closer look.


Wouldn't it be nice to have an agarwood bracelet that is full of resin and sustainable with half of the price compared to the wild?

 (just in case you are new to agarwood,  cultivated Agarwood is Agarwood that is planted in a plantation, it is genuine Agarwood, grown in a controlled environment)


What to expect

When you first wear them, the wax layer may come off after a day, the bracelet or mala will appear lighter. This is a normal process, so please do not worry

After a week the bracelet/mala will get darker when it contacts your skin and sweat. The change of texture will vary from person to person.


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Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
  • Have you tried Agarwood (Oud) before? No
  • What do you like? Quality & Smell
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Being a newbie to agarwood, I read up the various articles on this site and decided to buy a not so expensive 108 mala for my prayers. Was recommended the GGG. Just received them and was very much surprised by the quality of the beads, not to mention the heavenly smell. Very tempting to go for the premium range of beads but will stick to this for some time before deciding to upgrade and I will come back to Trent fro recommendations depending on my wallet. Thank you Trent. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Grandawood- Agarwood Australia The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 Mala  and/or  Bracelet - Cultivated beads with wild agarwood quality ReviewGrandawood- Agarwood Australia The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 Mala  and/or  Bracelet - Cultivated beads with wild agarwood quality Review
Boon K.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
A very good intro product to Agarwood.

Love the way it smell. My first time encountering a cultivated agarwood and it was a nice experience.

Brandon B.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
Good quality

Not bad for a beginner

Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that you enjoy your mala. Kind Regards Trent

Peter L.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
very good, bought it again

very good, bought it again

Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

Thank you, we noticed you bought 2 before, you are welcome to keep buying it :))

Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product
Strong scent.

Woody and grassy scent. Nicely made.