The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 Mala and/or Bracelet - Cultivated beads with wild agarwood quality

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  • The not-so-ordinary wood

    Dear friend

    I am about to share with you a story about this GGG Necklace. This necklace contains 115 special wooden beads.

    We made these beads from a STRANGE wood.

    This strange wood cannot be used in building and constructions.

    But many Gods used it before including Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, and Prophet Muhammad.

    And it is called


    Agarwood is the defence mechanism of a particular tree. Think of it like your immunisation system. The one inside your body that helps you fight all the germs and keeps you away from sickness. In short


    Agarwood is the immunisation system of a typical tree. This tree is known as Aquilaria.



    What is Agarwood used for?

    People use Agarwood to enjoy the aromatic scent of this wood. When burned, this wood releases the heavenly scent on many occasions. Artisan oud oil distiller also used these agarwood pieces to distil oud essential oil. This oil is one of the ingredients in high-class perfumery. You may have heard of it before. It is known as Oud.

    But what inspired me most was the formation of this wood.

    Let me explain

    It works similar to human, most of us have been vaccinated, Vaccine works by training the immune system to recognise pathogens (known as germs, bugs, bacteria, viruses). Once our immune system is strong enough, we will not get sick. 

    So you can use this analogy on the Aquilaria tree.

    In the jungle, Agarwood was formed after years of fighting the diseases caused by the natural world such as insects, thunderbolts. 

    Imagine this

    The tree is healthy. 

    One day, the bugs attack it.

    It is sick, so it fights for its life.

    The battle is not one day, one week, or one month, but years.

    During this battle, many trees die. But the one survives the one that has Agarwood.  


    It is thefighting spirit that triumphs all the set-back.


    However, in nature, not all trees are attacked.

    And not all attacks from insects or thunder trigger the tree's defence mechanism. It means not all wild Aquilaria has Agarwood. In fact,

    On average, only 1 out of 100 trees contains Agarwood in the wild.

    Over the past decades, people over harvested it. Many countries start to protect this species because they are not many left in the wild. In fact, Aquilaria trees are red-listed by The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™

    People still want Agarwood. And to supply to the market without depleting the natural resources, we start to cultivate Agarwood.

    We want you inspired by this fighting spirit of Agarwood. So we make this necklace as a reminder that you too, can fight till the end. Sometimes, life gets us but as long as we don't give up. We will achieve " agarwood" in our life.

    That is the meaning of " losing a battle, but winning a war". My friend, I want to let you know.



    Finally, the necklace, which takes 12 years to make, is here.



    Let me introduce you there are two types of wood:


    1) Healthy white wood 

    You see, not all the Aquilaria trees have Agarwood, like the one below.



    From the above images, these white wood are perfectly healthy, entirely white. They have not endured any hardship in their life.

    These wood, we are not able to use, so we burn them as fuel.

    2) The winner:  "Battle-tested"  wood

    These wood are champions; they have scars in their bodies. They have won the battle, and they have achieved "agarwood."

    Let me explain

    We, as farmers, attack the trees by drilling, inflicting damages on them. We even introduce ants and other boring insects to wound the trees

    After years of fighting, you will see their battle scars like the one below.


    The upper part" the white parts are the healthy parts. There is no use of it.

    The darker parts: these are the "scars" of the trees. They form to protect and heal the trees during the battle. And my friend, they are Agarwood.


    And this necklace is made from the wood that won the battle - Agarwood-.


    Oh, I forgot to tell you, you don't have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this necklaces.


    Because we planted it, there was no risk in life. There is no cheat in quality; there is no funny business of tampering the wood. There is no trick to "dye" the wood beads like others in the market.

     Thank you to the Internet, so you can get it directly from us no matter where you are. And the best part is: they are sustainable, so you can share the "fighting spirit" message with your loved one.




    The Amazing $100 Cultivated Agarwood Mala That Will Fool 9 Out Of 10 Agarwood Connoisseur (Perceiving This As Wild Agarwood)



    Everyone wants darker beads, but not everyone is willing to pay for the price. What if we can tell you that you can find it. Are you looking for dark, high-quality agarwood beads for around  $100?


    The single most asked question about agarwood beads


    You probably asked this question too because it was once in your mind: "is it possible to make cultivated mala with the quality similar to the wild?" 


    (for who do not know, cultivated Agarwood is Agarwood that is planted in a plantation, it is genuine Agarwood, grown in a controlled environment)

    Before answering you that question, here is a challenge for you, can you tell which one is cultivated and which one is wild?

    Can you tell the differences? Confusing, isn't it?








    Here is the answer

    Price: The wild one,15 beads of 14mm, 13g:            $400 AUD

    Price: The Cultivated one, 114 beads of 6mm, 9.5g  $80 AUD, this is the mala you are looking at.


    We do not have 6mm of wild mala on hand; hence, we are not able to compare an apple to an apple.


    The challenges - and we accepted

    Simple fact:

    • Wild Agarwood is obtained from the hunter
    • If the quality is "sinking", the price is high.
    • The bigger the wood piece, the higher the price. Let's use tuna as an example here, the bigger the fish, the higher the price. If a tuna weighed 350 kg, its price would be higher than the combined weight of 350kg from multiple smaller tunas. Same with Agarwood, the amount of the combined weight from the smaller piece will be less than one single wood piece with the same weight.

    In short, the larger the wood piece, the higher the price, Just like a diamond, you want a larger piece, not multiple small ones.

    It is tough to find any Wild agarwood mala with the size of 6mm  that sinks because people (buyers and sellers) who want to collect often wish to obtain a bigger size than 6mm.  The labour cost of making 8mm and 6mm is similar, but the material wastage from 6mm is much higher than 8mm

    In short, it does not make financial sense to make 6mm wild agarwood mala beads.


    But I want a smaller size because...

    My wrist is smaller; larger mala is either too loose or too tight on my wrist. I also want a darker tone, a darker colour, and I love the environment,  I only want something that does not cost the earth with excellent quality. Do you have something like that?


    Imagine your wish has come true, top of the game quality beads, smaller size that fit your wrist with subtle agarwood smells, without costing the earth.

    Visualise put this mala on your wrist, and received some compliments from your friends, you may even get asked if this mala is wild :). You can also show your friends the resinous pattern, the beautiful grains. The story behind how Agarwood was formed.

    How does it make you feel?

    So what is the GGG? 

    The name originates from good Karma. 

    • Have Good Thoughts
    • Say Good Things
    • Do Good Deeds for other

    And Everything will come back (to you)

    So by having this mala on your wrist, you are more likely to practice good Karma and good things will come back to you.

    .... I want more information about this agarwood 108 mala:

    Homegrown cultivated agarwood beads, premium quality, handcrafted made with care

    Sweet Woody Smell


    Weight: average 8.5g to 9g

    Total Beads: 114 beads (108 beads + 6 )

    You are still thinking, so let me tell you this.

    I could easily say this is a Wild Vietnamese agarwood and sell for $400 AUD. 

    You can do a Google search to compare the quality of yours and this one.

    Orr even use your agarwood bracelet to compare the grain, the texture if you have a wild one.

    Finished comparing?

    Does this one look like a wild one to you?

    Before you answer this, let me tell you a story.

    In 2018, there was a guy named Kelvin. He was from Singapore.

    He asked me if this bracelet was fake because it was too good to be true at that price.

    He only believed me after I showed him our own Aquilaria trees learnt that this necklace was made from cultivated Agarwood. I got his Whatsapp number saved in my contact. 

    At that time he was looking for a wild agarwood 108 mala.


    I did not have any that fitted in his budget $300 to $500 AUD.

    So I asked him to consider this GGG at the beginning, but he bought it regardless.


    After three weeks after the purchase, he did not leave any feedback.


    But after two years later, he messaged me.


    And he told me he would not buy from me again. I thought he wanted a refund.


    But it turned out nicely; he actually enjoyed it.


    Because his agarwood mala was still perfectly fine, the best part was: it has become glossier, even more beautiful than the day he bought it.


    So Kelvin said he would not buy it from me again after his purchase.  He does not need for it currently.

    He got more than what he asked for

    So my dear reader

    I want to hear from you? Are you still "thinking about it"?


    As requested, we have made various size available. 

    8mm, 10mm, 12mm



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    Boon K.
    Singapore Singapore
    I recommend this product
    A very good intro product to Agarwood.

    Love the way it smell. My first time encountering a cultivated agarwood and it was a nice experience.

    Brandon B.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    Good quality

    Not bad for a beginner

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that you enjoy your mala. Kind Regards Trent

    Peter L.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    very good, bought it again

    very good, bought it again

    Grandawood- Agarwood Australia

    Thank you, we noticed you bought 2 before, you are welcome to keep buying it :))

    Singapore Singapore
    I recommend this product
    Strong scent.

    Woody and grassy scent. Nicely made.

    Betty M.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    The GGG, Premium Cultivated Agarwood 108 mala 6mm 8g

    Lovely colour and scent profile for an entry level strand. Thank you Liliane for customising it.