*New* The Heaven Smoke- 100% Pure Cutlivated Agarwood Oil (Oud)- Co2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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Level of happiness

"If I can turn this oil into a human, I would describe him/her as a faithful person whose heart remains unchanged no matter what happened in his/her life. He/she is simple but bold" - Trent. 


So what is in it for me?

If you like decomposed, fecal, rotten notes, this oud oil is NOT for you. If you loathe it, please read on.

If you heard of oud before and had a wrong impression, or experienced the below

  • Oud is fecal, dirty, unpleasant burning plastic.
  • Pungent,thick, manure, barnyard
  • poop, "diarrhea."
  • Dead rat

Naturally, you would be scared, and you would be sceptical and lost your faith in the Wood Of God. You even asked yourself why on earth does oud have that name? Why God used it? Not a single note that you enjoy. You thought about the reasons you do not appreciate oud,  "could it be because I am a human, and this oil is for God, so I don't know how to appreciate it?"

To you, it is disgusting, "yuck"! Not a chance you will try it again.

This is not your fault, because the market is riddled with inferior stuff. It is not an easy task to get it right the first time. You probably have heard of: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You are on the fence all the time until now.

Believe me when I say that, I was once in your shoes. I bought stuff on the street, in the local market, online. Some are good, and some are not even Oud or oud blended with unknown substances. So, just let you know you are not the only one who got burnt. We all have been burnt. 

You can solve this issue in 2 ways: 

1) You keep trying or researching until you found the right vendors who got what you want. However, each vendor has their products. It takes so much time and financially, it is not viable.

2) Or since you are on this page, you can get this particular oud because if you love dried herbs, sweet vanillic oudy woody, you would "marry" this oil and make his/her become part of your life.

If you are not familiar to the unpleasant scents (such as "fecal", "cheesy", "barnyard"  notes), you will not like these scents in an Oud oil. You don't like it because once you smell these notes, your brain will receive pain signals to warn you of the possible dangers.

You would feel uneasy, and unsettled when you inhale any fecal, manure, barnyard smell. 

So you prefer a clean, woody floral smell.

What if I tell you this Heaven Smoke will satisfy your "clean" Oud desire, would you like to find out more?

You see, when you smell something right, you will feel good.  Do yourself a favour: take this oil and change your perception about Oud. You will love it just like God does.

"What so special about this oil?" - A farm inside a farm.

A customer named Sean, asked me this question, so I thought I would address here since many people may have the same thought in mind.

-The material used: agarwood. I paused

-Thank you for telling me something I already know, Trent. Smiled Sean

-I have not finished Sean yet. The special is how it was created — a farm inside a farm.

Sean looked puzzled. I explained

- You look around here; there are many Aquilaria trees inside this plantation. So this is an agarwood farm. Agree?

Sean nodded. I asked a farmer to chop a piece of wood in half vertically. Inside there are many ants.

- In this tree, there are many ants inside as you can see. They are farming fungi which provide food for them. These fungi "stimulate" the defence system to Aquilaria trees because they signal as an attack. This tree then creates "agarwood" to defence and heal themselves. So...

Agarwood created by ants

Sean's eyes were wide open. I continue

- We farm the trees. Ants farm the fungi inside the tree. Isn't it "a farm inside a farm"? I smiled

Sean smiled and asked.

- So you don't use any pesticides to protect the trees? 

I replied

- If we do have pesticides, there will be no ants, hence no agarwood. We are grateful to them, the true agarwood farmer. I don't know if we could call this is organic oud, but the whole thing was a natural process.


See these tiny holes? The ants created these. To heal itself, the Aquilaria trees formed "agarwood" around the wound. Isn't it fascinating?

Which options should I choose?

There are two variants of this oil:

  • Double Happiness: you would be joyful to smell this oil
  • Triple Happiness: you would be joyful AND at the same time, delighted, enlighted, and feel blessed when you smell this oil

Warning: This is NOT essential oil but Supercritical Fluid Carbon dioxide (CO2) Extraction oil

Essential Oil: oil distilled using water or steam distillation

Supercritical Fluid Carbon dioxide (CO2): Liquid CO2 is colourless and odourless, acts as a harmless solvent to "extract" the resin from the pulverised agarwood. 

Source: European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, Volume: 121, Issue: 2, First published: 28 November 2018

In this extraction method, the volatile compounds are not as many as "water/steam distillation"; however, the oleoresin content is much higher. You will find oils using this method, especially oud oil, to be monotone (in the right way). The scent remains unchanged for an extended period in terms of pleasant floral, sweet woody, herbaceous, and medicinal profile.

Co2 extract pulls out the long carbon chain which is denser than the water making this oud oil sunk. It means that you got more oil per ml for this method compared to the traditional water/steam distillation. To sum it up, for water/steam distillation 1ml of oud oil is around 0.9g on average. With Co2 extract, 1ml of oud oil will have around 1.02g of oud oil.



This is a CO2 Supercritical Extract Oud Oil; the temperature is around 31 Celcius degree during extraction. It contains less highly volatile molecule and more non-volatile one compared to the hydrodistillation method; initially, it seems very dull at first. Still, if you take a dab and leave it exposed to the air, let the oxygen does the work, and you will notice the scent development and enjoy the experience.

There are two types of Heaven Smoke.

Double Happiness - Heaven Smoke

The oil is extracted from sustainably cultivated Agarwood. 

If you are a perfumer want to make the sweet wood ambery base, this would suit you well.


Triple Happiness- Heaven Smoke

The oil is extracted from wild Agarwood

It has what Double Happiness has to offer. In addition, its complexity is slightly more. You will feel it sweeter and woodier.

If you are a perfumer and blend Oud in your perfume, Double Happiness is better for your formula because it is more sustainable and cost effective.

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    Lavinia K.
    France France
    I recommend this product
    Honeyed, rich and woody

    A very woody, honeyed oud, I find very easy to wear, because it smells pure and sweet.

    Aden .
    I recommend this product
    Excellent CO2 extract

    Although I am new to using agarwood oil, I must say that the triple happiness CO2 extract is the best woodsy EO that I have come across so far. It is so potent that a tab of the brim of the small bottle on my wrist has such a strong projection yet soothing and calming. It has different layers of woodsy notes, ranging from heavy to soft and yet sweet to dry down at different times, which is utterly beyond my description and the experience of using it is simply divine!!!!

    Peter L.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    excellent oud wood monotone

    Scent does not change much. It has a thicker body and lasts very long on clothes. I think perfumer should try this because of its woody consistent scent. Smokey, sweet wood. Recommended for beginner too. Much easier to adapt compared to the essential oil version.

    Anthony G.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product
    my favourite oud oil

    Really, it is a wonderful blend of my favourite fragrances. Thankyou Grandawood, I'm keen to share this product with some family