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Wild Aged Sandalwood Mala 108 beads 6mm and 8mm

Feel the smoothness of the beads with your hand and let the sweet aroma embrace and calm your mind. Our aged sandalwood beads have a rich creamy and earthy warm sweetness that you will never want to take off. ( But please do before taking shower!)

If Agarwood is the wood of God then Sandalwood is the royal wood, it was renowned for its sweet and earthy aroma and has a long popular history amongst Hinduists and Buddhists. Sandalwood prayer beads can promote relaxation and enhance meditation. It was believed to stimulate the base Chakra that can enhance trust and stimulate self-awareness, surround you with positive energy and help you to find balance in life. 

Unlike the Agarwood, the aroma of Sandalwood coming from the heartwood itself. The older the wood is the darker the colour and the aroma will mature, which gets stronger when worn on the wrist/ neck and heated with our body temperature. If the Agarwood is more about personal enjoyment as the aroma is very subtle, Sandalwood is about sharing, the pleasant aroma will surround you wherever you go and the aroma will linger on your skin for a longer time.

Our malas are threaded on the elastic string, finished with an adjustable knot, you can either wear it on your neck or wrap around your wrist. All the beads are carefully hand-selectedand can be customised upon request. You can now choose from 6mm or 8mm  beads.



Bead size: 6mm/ 8mm

Colour: Red- light brown

Length: 68cm / 90cm