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March 08, 2018 2 min read

Below well-written article is from Wu De, Global Tea Hut, an excellent site for tea articles.

"Incense is a Way, a Dao, as complex, involving and full of lifelong devotion as the Way of Tea. It is a practice that adheres to all the same principles of tea, which is why we have devoted a whole issue to incense and tea. Both reached the mainstream through Buddhisttemples and therefore began as a way of honoring the Buddha, within and without. Both take us to our heart-centre, where the Buddha, the awakened self, resides in glory. Both tea and incense honor the present moment, expressing reverence through mindfulness of one’s every action, however minute. Tea and incense are truly rich worlds, and richly intertwined like the mingling smoke from a stick dancing through the steam from an old teapot. Within the world of incense, no topic is as deep as Aloeswood, the “Friend of Tea.” We hope that the following three articles, as well as the further readings we will post on our blog, will help you stand back in awe at how vast the world of Aloeswood and incense ceremony is. We also hope to inspire you to further study, practice and enjoyment. Aloeswood and tea meet in that place where Nature exalts the senses in a pure and clean way that uplifts consciousness, bringing clarity to the moment. Like tea, Aloeswood takes Nature time to produce and involves the cooperation of many different species. Like tea, the whole world is in each whiff—the forest, roots and earth, water and wind, sky and even Heavenly bodies. May you smell the glory of fine Aloeswood through these pages, heart full of beauty and happiness" 

Source: Global Tea Hut Issue Nov 2016

Click the above link to download the full issue from Global Tea Hut


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