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Aquilaria Crassna - agarwood- plantation site  

Location: Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc

Vertical view from above



The below images are taken by a drone showing our Aquilaria forest, which is sufficient for more than 20 years of usage without planning any new tree.

However, for sustainable future, new Aquilaria Crassna trees are constantly planted and wounded to create agarwood.  

Horizontal view from the ground


A wounded tree

Large pottery containers store water-emerged pulverised agarwood with "fly screen" sheet on top to prevent bugs or unwanted objects falling inside  As the distillation facility is surrounded by trees, insects present are inevitable 

After-distillation pulverised woods were being dried (only contain around 3% of agarwood), which are the ideal material for worshipping joss stick and the Middle East bakhoor.


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Iliesa Vuli Napolioni
Iliesa Vuli Napolioni

July 22, 2019

Very interesting and want to know more about the Industry.

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