February 23, 2018 1 min read


Aquilaria Crassna - agarwood- plantation site  

Welcome to our agarwood source

Location: Dong Xoai Binh Phuoc

Have you wondered what an agarwood plantation site looks like?


Vertical view from above




The below images are taken by a drone showing our Aquilaria forest, which is sufficient for more than 20 years of usage without planning any new tree.

However, for a sustainable future, new Aquilaria Crassna trees are continuously planted and wounded to create agarwood.  

Horizontal view from the ground


A wounded tree

Large pottery containers store water-emerged pulverised agarwood with "fly screen" sheet on top to prevent bugs or unwanted objects falling inside  As the distillation facility is surrounded by trees, insects present are inevitable  

After-distillation pulverised woods were being dried (only contain around 3% of agarwood), which are the ideal material for worshipping joss stick and the Middle East bakhoor.