Lab Test Our Evergreen Oil contains anti-cancer agent compounds

August 25, 2016 1 min read


Lab Test result has finally come back (20 pages in detail, please let us know if you are interested). This Evergreen oil was tested not only in Australia but  VIetnam, Japan and America as our customers would like to run their own, especially pharmaceutical companies (and/or perfumer). 

In relation to this article, it is suggested that the anticancer effects could be due the presence of sesquiterpenoid compounds. Sesquiterpenoid such as guaiene compounds are commonly reported to be present in AEO (Agarwood Essential Oil). In line with this, the anticancer effects of AEO may have also been attributed to the presence of sesquiterpenoid compounds. Below is our extracted test result

To qualify as a high grade oil, according to Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, Vol 17 No 3 (2013): 403 - 413:

Our Evergreen oilcontains all off the above and have been trusted by many large corporations. Stable quality and quantity production by our dedicated team. 100% pure !