Agarwood Beads

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"Agarwood is said to calm the nervous system, expel negative energies, bring alertness, relieve anxiety, invoke a sense of strength and peace and enhance cerebral functioning" -

The wood is also used in making mala chanting beads to be worn around necks (108 mala beads) and wrists (13 or 14 beads). Buddhist usually hold mala when reciting the scripture.

For meditation, Zen or simply your unique jewellery,  high grade Agarwood is as precious as other gemstones or gold, it is the symbol of prosperity and wealth. And not just good for admiring, Agarwood is one of the Eastern precious medicines, that has been used to treat many illnesses. When made into bracelet or necklace, Agarwood is believed to balance the Qi, chase away bad Qi and attract good Qi along with your luck and the aroma will help to calm your soul and body, hence perfect for yoga and meditation.Aroma from the beads is the fragrance from the resin, unique and luxury, and lasts for very long time * (please see FAQ for more info).

All our beads and incense along with flowers and fruit represent some of the primary gifts that Buddhist practitioners offer during Buddhist prayer or on their altars. Incense in particular stands for ethics and morality. But these offerings only have meaning if the follower also has right conduct. Incense also reminds the practitioner of the path of the Middle Way, or moderation, and offers the key to enlightenment and Buddhahood. It creates a feeling of serenity.

Good gift idea for Buddhists. All items are hand-made with genuine agarwood beads, we manufactured our own beads and have our hunters for wild agarwood logs.

 Any beads claimed as genuine agarwood beads with solid colour are usually counterfeit. Click here to find out why

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